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Superhet 1

by Diane VA3DB

I have been wanting to build a superhetrodyne receiver for some time. I decided to just take the time and build one using Manhattan style. It was built stage by stage, here I show a scope probe as I injected a signal. The L.O. is low side injection mixing 7Mhz signals down to 5.130 Mhz The scope probe here is sampling post I.F. amplifier at 5.130 Mhz.




I originally had planned on using a discrete small transistor audio amplifier here. Unfortunately I ran out of time and had to settle for a LM386. They can break into motorboating very easily so need a stiff power source.



I intend on adding a front panel audio jack. Yes I need to calibrate the frequency range.




Yes it works, it covers a small section of the QRP section of 40m but it is still a work in progress. One of the suggestions made to me was to add a small QRP transmitter as well in the same case. I just might.


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