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Why Ham Radio Builder ?

A few of us have been disturbed for some time about the number of new hams who cannot do simple building projects. A recent look at some old 73 magazines brought to mind the simple projects this magazine produced. So our thought was to do something similar, but meant for the web instead of dead tree. We are not talking a full fledged magazine, but a website where we can put simple beginner type articles, with copious photos etc. A bit like maker magazine but for the radio amateur. Though we could see us doing technical articles later.

To this end, we are seeking further participation from the hamradio community. We initially put together a mailing list, to see if there would be interest and after hosting problems some work has been put towards a fledgling website. A few of us have written and edited amateur radio articles already for various other hamradio magazines, such as the AMSAT Journal, QEX so there is some experience to start with.

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